Friday, November 27, 2015

Sleep walking into a future where humans are irrelevant

We know that robots are increasingly taking on the tasks of manual workers; we hear about the increasing probability of driver-less cars (and buses and trains and trams etc). In future years, there will be no manual job left for humans.

Now comes a book titled: The Future of the Professions: How technology will transform the work of human experts by Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind, which argues that machines will soon do the work of lawyers, doctor and others. 

If this book is correct in its predictions, in future years, there will be few professional jobs left for humans.

In all probability, even jobs designing automata will be carried out by automata.

We are then left with the imponderable, what will humans be doing?  What will be the reason to continue feeding, clothing, housing them?  Why not get rid of them altogether ina automata-only 'heaven'?

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