Monday, October 1, 2012

A new competition for companies and for individuals?

The article below makes me wonder why governments don't set up two annual awards; one for corporations and the other for individuals. The criteria for such awards will be either the amount of tax paid or the percentage of income that was paid in tax or a combination of the two. The winners will be the company or individual who paid the most tax.

In the UK, the former can be an extension of the existing Excellence in Industry awards and the latter can be part of the 'honours' system, where worthy citizens are given post-nominals like MBE or even knighthoods.

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"Britain's highest earner has said the rich need to pass "the smell test" when it comes to paying tax – a week after The Independent revealed him as the country's biggest individual taxpayer.

David Harding, the founder of hedge fund Winton Capital Management, paid £34m tax on his £87m income last year, an overall rate of 39 per cent.

"I think if you want to be accepted by society you have to be seen to be paying your share," he said. "I think the resentment and anger is felt among the middle class – the civil servants, the soldiers, the public-sector workers, the professional classes, the backbone of the British nation.""

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